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Sorah Chung

Teachagram, Co-Founder

Activist. Fearless. Ally.

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Magnus Chung

Teachagram, Co-Founder

Defender. Leader. Visionary.

Our Story

Co-Founders Sorah and Magnus Chung spent years navigating online education and sought to create a model capable of connecting users more effectively resulting in Teachagram, the fastest peer-to-peer edutainment app in the world.

Our Vision

We seek to change the education status quo and create a platform for equality. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and to earn a livable wage. Join us as we strive to make the world a better and more fair place.


Teachagram connects students to teachers of all sorts of skills. Whether it be mathematics, skateboarding, or the arts, Teachagram has a place just for you. Short-form video quickly transfers information while our "LPP" video technology creates connection and personal growth.

How it works

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Start by selecting "interests" that will alter your feed to bring you amazing teachers from around the world filling your discovery page with the very skill sets you desire.

Message, favorite for later, or share right from the discovery page without interrupting video play.

Click any teacher's profile to purchase, schedule, or learn more.


When you find a teacher you would like to learn from, you can then schedule and pay for one or more lessons straight from the profile. Teachagram provides secure payment that will be automatically distributed upon completion of each lesson.

For Teachagram, it was important that our teachers were able to earn a liveable wage, so we designed our app to help you set your own rate, understand key metrics, and easily collect earnings. 


Teachagram works hard, so you focus on what's important.

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Teachagram grants the freedom to learn anywhere with its mobile-first design. You will be notified of your scheduled live peer-to-peer lessons and be reminded of the type of lesson you are about to have.


A summary of every lesson will be provided and stored in your lesson history.


Safety is huge. That's why Teachagram has built-in functionality that will allow users to leave the session at any time and report any misconduct or inappropriate behavior. We value the protection of both our students and teachers and will continue to improve in this aspect. 

How it works
UCI ANTrepreneur Center

"The Fastest Way to Connect Teachers and Students."

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